Listen to what our clients have to say…

“I sought out Cathy’s services and knowledge to help me with an acute and severe physical reaction to emotional stress.  Within two sessions she helped return my body and mind to a more relaxed and comfortable place.  She helped my body let go of the emotion it was holding onto.  Her sessions are peaceful, supportive and her skills technical, pointed and relaxing.  I was very comfortable with her knowledge and ability to help support my body’s processes and trusted her care. I’ve since recommended her to a friend and will continue to do so.” – KS, Northport


“Previous to my discovery of Larkfield Chiropractic I had been going to a physical therapist because I was experiencing pain running down the front of my legs and also severe sciatica due to Scoliosis. I began Chiropractic treatments along with PT and that seemed to release some of the pain. My Chiropractor, Michele Kobe suggested that I get a massage to loosen things up and she introduced me to Cathy Marshall, who is working in her office at Larkfield Chiropractic. I soon found out that Cathy is no ordinary therapist. She is educated in therapeutic massage and seemed to know every ligament and muscle by name, and during her treatment it feels Ike she massages every one of them. After each incredible (complete) 1 hour message, done with aromatic essential oils, I feel like my muscles are no longer clenching which makes it possible for Michele to give me a more effective Chiropractic adjustment. After a few treatments the pain in the front of my legs dissipated.

I’ve come to realize that an occasional therapeutic message, along with chiropractic treatments, is the best maintenance for me. I’ve recommended Cathy to a number of people in the past year. Additionally, and something that is important to me, is her professionalism. She is friendly and provides an atmosphere where you can feel safe and relaxed. You won’t be disappointed.”  – DV, East Northport


“I’m an avid bodybuilder who spends a lot of time in the gym, so naturally my body feels sore and run down during the days that I train. One day my chiropractor referred me to Cathy, who then gave me a free, 30 minute massage. It was an experience I will not forget. After the session, I felt renewed, rejuvenated, and revitalized. I plan on going to Cathy on a consistent basis so that my muscle recovery time can be shortened, thus allowing me to train harder in the gym.” – HB, Huntington


“I have been working with Cathy for about a year now. I suffer from chronic migraine headaches, and her treatments offer immediate and lasting pain relief. She is always able to find “the spots” from where the pain originates and treat it effectively. I have also benefited from her knowledge of essential oils and have added these to my migraine treatment regimen with great success.” – BR, East Northport


“I have been to a good number of massage therapists over the last twenty years and I have to say Cathy is one of the best!   I’ve had a chronic problem with my right shoulder for most of my life and Cathy was the first to be able to fix it! She really cares about improving your health, and really makes an effort to find where you need help. She will probably find places you didn’t know needed it! I highly recommend her.” – LT, East Northport


“I have pain from stenosis and scoliosis, as well as a great deal of pain since falling down last year. After the first massage, the pain was less sharp and I felt positive physically. You are very knowledgeable, willing to explain what you’re doing and finding. And, I have been trying to do the things you suggested I do at home. I feel this is promising, I feel better, and I am coming back for more!” – CH, East Northport