What’s the Patheight Difference?

Expect a refreshing, whole approach to your well being and living. PathEight offers:

* Therapeutic Massage & Bodyworkto enhance the functioning & energy of your Body.
* Therapeutic Grade Essential Oilsto compliment health & healing of your Body & Spirit.
* Workshops, Learning Sessions, Personal/Professional Developmentto grow your Mind.

Simply – each individuals unique circumstances are taken into consideration when reviewing needs, including what’s going within and around you; how you think, feel, and what you do.  An integrative approach helps to identify and connect source & surface matters. Ultimately, considering your whole self to support you being at your best where and when you need it: in the meeting room, in relationships, at the race/game, in keeping pace with kids….in Life.

Curious?  Please contact me to discuss how PathEight can make a difference for you.