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Massage & Bodywork

All Massage & Bodywork treatments are customized to your unique needs- at each visit. Your Treatment, To Your Needs & Preferences = Healing, Restoring, Relaxing, Energy Stimulating, & Maintaining Wellness. Specific modalities and treatments include: * Active, Isolated Muscle Stretching * Orthopedic


Essential Oils

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Infused Bath/Shower Salts & essential Oil Sprays Natural Health Solutions For Your Well Being.   Therapeutic Bath Salts & Essential Oils Our staff are professionally trained experts in the latest techniques and products. Our service and dedication to


Coaching & Development

Are you achieving what you want?  Are certain Goals, Relationships, Career Aspirations, Health & Fitness Desires eluding you? Empower Yourself To Capture Opportunites, Leverage Strengths & Grow Your Capabilities.  Join Me For Specific Skill Sessions and/or Coaching.

A Complete, Natural Approach to Empowering Your Body, Mind & Spirit – It’s All Connected!

For you

The intent of my practice is to bring about health, healing and happiness by engaging you in & informing you about "holistic well-being".

Meaning, take a whole & holistic perspective in how you approach what you are looking to attain... be it with your body, career, outlook, relationships, family,..your life.

I combine my experience as a holistic health practitioner and 19+ years as an accomplished business woman to offer you the opportunity to:

Experience a professional who listens to your aspirations and concerns to help you create a plan for success - be it your body or personal/professional development. For example, a custom therapeutic massage through integrative practices of Asian, Swedish, Trigger Point, Acupressure, Reflexology, Aromatherapy & Coaching, as well as Individual and Group Learning & Development sessions.

Maximize your energy for achieving optimal performance. Bring greater connection between your mind, spirit and your capabilities. Broaden your perspectives to capture opportunities and live mindfully.

Enhance healing time, immune system, muscle/body function, stress & trauma recovery, personal and professional goal attainment, learning, general well being and more!


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